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The diverse, cultural & impact driven store


Welcome to the rojak (mix) online store where we will be featuring different Malaysian cultural collections and services to bring awareness to the beauty of our diverse culture. Each collaboration and sales is to support impact driven initiatives in Malaysia.



char kuey teow Art

(FROM  18th-31st March only)




i) This super early and early bird promotion starts from 18th - 31st March only.


Super Early Bird Promo: RM14 (for the first 14 people only!) [UPDATE: THIS PROMO HAS ENDED]

Early Bird Promo: RM35

(Normal rates start from RM80 onwards)


The first 14 people must like, post and share The Rojak Projek's Facebook in order to get the super promo deal! Please note that this is an exclusive Char Kuey Teow rendition. We are limiting to the first 50-100 pax till 31st March only. [UPDATE: THIS PROMO HAS ENDED]


ii) We will need two good quality photographs of yourself to be emailed* to


* In your email, you must include your:

- Full name

- Contact Number

- Email address

- Payment Receipt Attached

- Two good quality photograph of yourself


iii) If the photographs are not of good quality, we will email to request for a better one.


iv) No refunds.


v) We will only start creating your artworks after the promotion is over.


vi) It will take one to two months for completion. Yes, it is a long procedure for creation. So be patient with us :)


vii) The final outcome of the artwork will only be distributed in digital format and emailed to you once it is completed.


viii) Artworks will not be redone.

viv) There are no limits on how many slots a person takes, so you can pay for 5 or 10 people as long as you follow as the terms and make your payment to TRP Creatives Enterprise. 


vv) This terms and condition are subject to change.

With your support, we at TRP Creatives want to take this opportunity to reach out to many unheard Malaysian voices regardless of age, gender, race, abilities or social status. Join us in this journey, made possible by you, in the discovery of all our voices. Your support fuels our journey for Malaysia so, thank you!


1) You can make a direct bank transfer to

Account Name:  TRP Creatives Enterprise

Account Number: 568603023135

Bank:  Maybank


2) Pay by Paypal by clicking the image below: