Those who has been interviewed

For those who are going to be interviewed, just remember this. Whatever you share could impact We need a diverse range of people in Sarawak and Sabah who are open to share their culture with younger people! This is nation building, this is a journey of bridging the gap. Give young people a chance to learn and hear you out 🙂

The topic we will touch down during our interview is:
Food, Dialect, Crafts, Attire, Traditional games, Festivals, Dances, Music, Traditional Instruments, Adat and Pantang-Larang, Stereotypes, Birth & Death, Weddings and Folklores.

The objective is to share your voice and our a

Our goal is to bridge the gap but this round, we want to make sure we covered most of you!


"When I heard about this Rojak Projek, it felt so close to my heart because I feel like this is exactly what we need right now, you know. We need to make other people especially those in our own country to be more aware of how diverse we are so that we can include as many people as possible, no matter what our background is, so yeah I’m actually excited about this interview."

—  Priscilla Siaman Tylors


Priscilla Siaman Tylors (Bidayuh)
Frescella Jane Lajoo (Penan)
Guinevere Aring Pakar (Bidayuh & Kenyah)
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Kendrik Ng (Dusun Tatana)
Anne Baltazar
Camelia Thomas
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