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Food Art


THE ROJAK PROJEK has decided to implement the 'Food Portrait Art' workshop as an exclusive and impactful initiative to document the culinary heritage of diverse cultures. This workshop will be exclusively reserved for projects aimed at creating meaningful impacts within communities and uniquely documenting their culinary traditions.

In 2023, we successfully executed projects for the Ukit/Bhuket community in Sarawak, with support from CANVAS ART, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MOTAC) & GMBB. Subsequently, we received support to conduct a similar workshop for the Chetti community in Melaka, backed by Yayasan Hasanah, resulting in increased awareness and engagement.

We eagerly anticipate running and developing more impactful projects with community support, aiming to foster greater unity and raise awareness of lesser-known Malaysian communities.

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Chup ah! We'll get back to you right after our yumcha session at the mamak! (aka 2-5 business days)


Reka Negaraku together with The Rojak Projek (2017)
@ WORQ Co-Working Space, Taman Tun

Reka Negaraku x The Rojak Projek
Reka Negaraku
WORQ Coworking Space

Date: 16th July 2017 
Location: WORD, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL
Supported by: Reka Negaraku

Venue Partner: WORQ 

Reka Negaraku, in collaboration with The Rojak Projek, hosted its first public creative workshop, using Malaysian food to spark conversations about our cultural diversity. This workshop featured a small group of 30 participants who enjoyed a spread of Kelantanese food before diving into the hands-on session. Participants used kitchen utensils and snacks as their art supplies, creating unique pieces that reflected the essence of Malaysian unity. The workshop was a resounding success, thanks to the support of Reka Negaraku, WORQ, Moviemento, and the enthusiastic participants. It was a night filled with creativity, new friendships, and Malaysian pride, showing that art and food truly bring people together. 


RIUH Deepavali Weekend (2017)
@ APW, Bangsar 

 Date: 21st October 2017
Location: APW, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Supported by; RIUH

RIUH and The Rojak Projek teamed up for a Deepavali-themed creative workshop on October 21, 2017, at APW, Jalan Riong, Bangsar. The event, limited to 25 participants, emphasized Malaysian unity through creativity. Attendees were treated to sweets and Muruku and left with a ziplock bag of their materials. Special thanks were given to Joselyn Chong, Jon Cool, and RIUH for their support in bringing people together through art and food.


The Rojak Projek (2019)
@ INTI International University, Nilai


Date: 13th March 2019
Location: INTI International University, Nilai

We seized a wonderful chance to connect with 300 students from INTI International University in Nilai, where we held an engaging talk. We shared our journey of uncovering the lesser-known communities across Malaysia, while also teaching them the artistry behind crafting our unique artworks using snacks. It proved to be an event brimming with excitement and joy, as we bonded over art and snacks, creating stunning pieces depicting celebrated Malaysian athletes such as Agilan Thani, Ann Osman, Cheong Jun Hong, Farah Ann, Felicia binti Mikat, Julian Yee, Nicol David, Pandelela Rinong, and Peter Davis.


In Collaboration with Dr Renard Siew (2020)
@ UCSI University

Date: 7th March 2020
Location: Multipurpose Hall, UCSI University

The Rojak Projek collaborated with Dr Renard Siew and UCSI University on a Green Art Workshop where we made portraits of some of Malaysia’s green warriors using environmental friendly packaging. These packaging techniques are unique to our region. The students had an appreciation of the natural leafy texture and useability of these packaging. In conjunction with World Environment Day, we would like to pay tribute to our local heroes by revealing the portraits we have done for them. Special thanks to all those who volunteered to make this workshop happen; Jagjeet Singh, Joselyn Chong, Chia Wei, Deborah Chin and all those behind Youth Beyond Boundaries and Terrafix from UCSI University. Not to forget the amazing photographer, Aaron Yue Tian Hanopol Goh.

Kampung Tunku

Jom Daftar Undi,
@ SS2 Basketball Court (2020)

"Terima kasih YB Lim Yi Wei dan kawan-kawan dari @KgTunku atas potret hasil The Rojak Projek selepas program daftar pengundi pada Sabtu lepas. Potret-potret The Rojak Projek amat menarik kerana menjurus kepada kepelbagaian budaya yang menjadikan Malaysia amat unik."

"Thank you YB Lim Yi Wei and friends from @KgTunku for the portraits of The Rojak Projek after the voter registration program last Saturday. The portraits of The Rojak Projek are very interesting because they focus on the cultural diversity that makes Malaysia so unique."

- Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato' Seri Amirudin bin Shari

In a campaign to call for new voters to have themselves registered, Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lim Yi Wei, in collaboration with The Rojak Projek and Team Selangor, had initiated the ‘Register to Vote’ campaign on August 15 at the SS2 Basketball Court in Petaling Jaya.

The first 100 registrants at the event, which will be held from 2pm to 5pm, will be given a personalised Nasi Lemak portrait. “For this voter registration drive, we decided to collaborate with The Rojak Projek to highlight the act of registering as a voter being a patriotic duty as a Malaysian. How better to illustrate it with our favourite dish nasi lemak? “As such, TRP will be creating 100 personalised portraits for the first 100 registrants. The registrants will be photographed, have their addresses recorded for mailing of the photos. The nasi lemak ingredients are arranged by hand, so TRP and our team of volunteers will be arranging them and photographing the portraits the following day.

“For those curious to see the process, TRP will be doing a demo of the arrangement using our Menteri Besar YAB Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari’s face and mine on the day itself,” said Lim when contacted by Selangor Journal today.


British Council,
Wayang Kitchen 

Food Tripping Penang:  The UK Connection together with The Rojak Projek @ The Edison, Penang (2021)

Food Tripping Penang: The UK Connection! – A virtual cooking workshop with storytelling by performers. Discover the unique combination of flavours born from the marriage of Malaysian and British culture.


Leave your passports at home and be whisked away to the beautiful, sunny island of Penang, Malaysia!


Wayang Kitchen teams up with Simply Enak and The Rojak Projek to bring you on a journey live streamed all the way from the islands of Penang and the UK.

Food Tripping combines a cooking class with storytelling and facilitates an exchange of cultures with people from across the world. In this trip we visit Penang, Malaysia to discover the unique history and dishes of Hainanese cuisine, born from the Malaysian – UK connection since colonial times.


Cook and taste the flavours eaten by empire builders of the past and learn how dishes were fused with Malaysian culture that are still enjoyed today. Plus some bonus recipes of our own creation inspired by these special flavours! This Anglo-Hainanese fusion is exclusive to Malaysia and Singapore, influenced through the connection of our cultures. In this fun new event, participants will learn to cook unique dishes, hear inspiring tales from the past and present as well as create memorable experiences with our passionate team of foodies, travellers and audiences from across the world.


Supported by the British Council’s Digital Collaboration Fund and Penang Global Tourism.


Event dates and times:


10th & 11th April 2021: 11AM – 1PM (UK) / 6PM – 8PM (MALAYSIA)


(Participants from other parts of the world are welcomed too!)


Food Art Portrait Workshop at Balai Seni Negara (2022)

Date: 15th October 2022
Location: Galley Hybrid, Lobby, Balai Seni Negara

Bonded through food and art under the 'Rojak Workshop'. This workshop is only exclusive and can only be done in private. Special thanks to Young Art Entrepreneurs by Balai Seni Negara & Me.reka for playing a part in this ❤

Everyone had a chance to try two cultural food from Sabah!
1) UFO Tart from Sandakan, Sabah
2) Latok from Semporna, Sabah




Organised by: Canvas Art Creative Sdn Bhd 
Supported by: Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture (MOTAC)

To know more, you can click on this link.


Organised by: THE ROJAK PROJEK
Supported by: Yayasan Hasanah, ArtsFAS and Ministry of Finance 

To know more, you can click on this link.

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