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Our Story

THE ROJAK PROJEK is an initiative by TRP CREATIVES, a social enterprise that focuses on creating positive understanding and awareness by promoting our unity, culture and diversity.

It started off as an idea at the end of 2014 when a lot of negativity surfaced around Malaysia over the past couple of years, which slowly grew as we met new friends to join in on this persistent mission throughout 2015. The beginnings of these efforts were launched on New Years, 2016, for and with our fellow Malaysians to show new, creative and positive forms of how our Malaysian diversity is truly beautiful.


Colour-blindness (B&W) has always been the go to trend to address unity in diversity, though a great concept, we, The Rojak Projek, thought of it in a different light. To us, the beauty being a multicultural Malaysia shouldn't be diluted to shades of grey because our colours is where the beauty lies!

Our Rojak



MALAYSIANS are made up of regular people that have every possible shade of skin colour. We all belong to uncountable cultures and traditions… that’s just how different and diverse we are as a nation. People would think that the way to achieve unity among these differences is to be a colour-blind nation, however, we, The Rojak Projek, think otherwise.


THE ROJAK PROJEK believes that our colours, our incredibly vibrant diversity and culture should be fully embraced. It is what makes us who we are, not something to be unsaturated. We believe that if we want to embrace unity, we need to be open to respect diversity and only if we are open to respect diversity, we are able to embrace unity.


Inclusiveness as what Faye Lim and Rachel Lee shared with Astro Awani on 13th August 2018 regarding their adopted Kelabit mother, Mummy Supang Tagong.


A friend we met along our journey, Anderson Kalang, brought us to Miri to meet his mother and toward the end of our trip, she adopted us as her own, as family. From then on, we were referred to as cousins and introduced to other family members as our "cousins". She could have easily said, "This is Anderson's cousin...".


She didn't. Instead, she said, "This is your cousin".

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