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the indigenous people of Malaysia


The forests means everything to the Orang Asli community. It is more than just a source of food, water, a place to live, a wellspring for income and to some a spiritual sanctuary... Much like a pulse, the forest is the very heartbeat for them and this land is their soul. Without it, where would they be? Because, like flesh and blood, the forest is a part of Orang Asli. They have been guarding our forests for generations. Indeed, long before the colonial era, the Malayan Independence, and the formation of Malaysia, they were here. Their affinity with the land remained throughout the Hindu Dynasties and the Malay Sultanate. They always were, and are, here.


Tunku Abdul Rahman once said, “We must each always think first of Malaysia, of the national need and least of ourselves… Everyone must try to help and see that the people are one-minded, with loyalty and one aim, to make Malaysia – the land we love – a happy abode for all of us. If we all do this then we can guarantee liberty, security, prosperity and happiness for the future."


For THE ROJAK PROJEK, the ultimate aim is to overcome ignorance and help our nation to know each other better. Being a Malaysian means ALL OF US, TOGETHER. These artworks not only seek to showcase the beauty and importance of the Orang Asli we met in their village, but also the message of how they are one with the land. We believe it is time for our generation to take it to the next level in rediscovering and getting to know our Malaysian people better.


Malaysia tak sama, kalau kita tak bersama. 

Malaysia is never the same if we are not together.

SPECIAL THANKS to Kampung Sungai Buloh Orang Asli, The One Academy & RIUH for this beautiful collaboration.


© The Rojak Projek 

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