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Let's have fun and create a bond together through art to experience and understand what it feels like from touch, smell, taste *hehe*, observe patterns, folding, texture through 'The Rojak Workshop'. This workshop is only exclusive and can only be done in private events. Maximum 40 - 50 pax.

For beginners, we will use materials that are dry (sweets, snacks, biscuits, spices, etc)  which are the best for beginners. What we need is provided is a projector and screen to show how to do it privately. Table setting is best as shown in Reka Negaraku.

We will be creating one (1) face portrait outline for the participants. One artwork can be created by 2 participants, this is good for beginners and also for the participants to get to know a new friend.


It will take between 1 - 2 hours depending on each person.

If we do have an agreement of a workshop, we only need a projector, screen, microphone, tables and chairs. 

The rest of materials will be on our side.



15 mins:                 Registration, Short introduction of TRP to explain the concept    
1 1/2 hours:           Show and create the artworks together, Eat half way in the process (it happens),  the 'Photographer'
then capture the artworks when it's completed by the individuals.    
15 mins:                 End with a group photo and clean up. 


"Reka Negaraku bersama The Rojak Projek" presents The Rojak Projek's first ever public creative workshop! The Rojak Projek uses Malaysian food as a tool to learn and kick-start conversations regarding the beauty, depth and uniqueness of our diversity using the one thing that definitely unites us as Malaysians - food! 

This program is part of Reka Negaraku's series of design events. To find out more on Reka Negaraku, please click here.

they brought their hungry hearts and gave it a try :)

The free public event was held on the 16th of July 2017 and being our first Rojak Workshop, we wanted to ensure our participants felt comfortable in a smaller, more intimate session, hence, limiting the numbers to only 30 pax.

The workshop started at 7pm and because it was puasa month, we prepared a full spread of Kelantanese food (Laksam, Nasi Kerabu and Kuih Akok yoooo!) and got everyone to come and ber-buka puasa together! Though everything was set up for the workshop participants, curious people from neighboring events and friends came by to join in our makan fest! Some even stayed to participate in our workshop!

After everyone was fed, we introduced Reka and passed the time and platform to Zachary Onn to share more about their Reka Negaraku program. After that, we went straight into the workshop, starting off by explaining to everyone the concept of The Rojak Projek, the idea of transforming the concept of colour blindness to colour embracing using our yummy Malaysia food. We emphasized that it was not just food art, but a conceptual work that brought curiosity and understanding towards the many different cultures in Malaysia.


This led to... the fun part of the workshop! Participants are given the opportunity to take a stab at learning and creating a Rojak Projek artwork with our guidance! They were given "tools" from basic art tools such as brushes to kitchen utensils such as the pestle and mortar. Their paint... food snacks! The participants learn about texture and colours and freedom to express themselves through art and food. They didn't even realise that they were sharing their snacks, mixing up their art pieces! (Of course... we all ate our art as we were creating them, lol)

The Rojak Projek along with all of our new friends who came, had a super awesome time at WORQ where we hosted our first public creative workshop alongside Reka Negaraku!

We knew some participants were saying that they can't even draw and was worried... but food truly runs in our blood and the final outcomes of everyone's work was amazing! We would like to give a special shout out to WORQ, Reka Negaraku, Moviemento and our Rojak helpers for allowing this workshop to happen and for the participants who brought so much energy throughout the night!

We are thankful that everyone had a great night and met new friends during this program. Here's to creating more Malaysian pride, one step at a time! We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Workshop happen! From our Rojak Family;  Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Kimberly Yong & Joselyn Chong.

CLICK HERE to find out more of the stories behind those black and white portraits.

RIUH in collaboration with The Rojak Projek decided to have a Deepavali themed creative workshop! We kick-started our workshop by allowing everyone to shake everyone's hands to greet one another. We then teased everyone to proceed by washing our hands as we prepared ourselves to get a little messy.

We took almost 5 minutes to share a bit about our history of how we started and how we are not about 'food art' but a journey of spreading the message of Malaysian love and unity through creativity. 


The event was held on the 21st of October 2017 at APW, Jalan Riong, Bangsar from 4.30pm - 6.30 pm. The workshop was limited to 25 pax only and we were happy to have two young ones taking on the challenge to create portrait art with us. We had a great time tasting some sweets and Muruku along the way and gave everyone at the end of the session a zip block bag to pack all their materials with them. 

We would like to thank Joselyn Chong assisting this workshop, Jon Cool who always takes great shots of everyone and especially, RIUH for believing in bringing people together! We believe they are doing a great job in their efforts! Well done to all! Till the next event! 



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