THE ROJAK PROJEK is an initiative by TRP CREATIVES, a social enterprise that focuses on creating positive understanding and awareness in Malaysia's unity, culture, and diversity through creativity. We will be heavily involving the youths of many nation to be a part of this innitiative and movement.

Our Creative Journey

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Chapter 4

Rest & Reset | Pandemic,


What We Do

Our Culture

1) Embracing all our differences

We believe in inclusiveness and embracing all our differences just like 'rojak', a popular Malaysian savoury mixed fruit salad. The term is usually used as a local slang to mean ‘mixed’. It is often used to describe the multi-ethnic characters of Malaysian society.

2) Being authentic, vulnerable and accountable.

We believe as we journey together, we are authentic in our gestures when we choose to serve our nation and others around us. In our journey, we need to have a heart-check with the intentions to remember the why behind what we do. We believe in being vulnerable and open because it is strength and being accountable with one another even in any given task or projects we do. 

3) Hungry learners and doers

While we are hungry for a better Malaysia, let us also be hungry for a better us. We believe that all of us have different strengths and weaknesses and we believe in helping each other grow holistically. We believe in living ready and being the best versions of ourselves and being the true thinkers and doers for our nation.

4) Being a good steward

We all have different unique gifts, skills and we're here to be great stewards be it in our ideas, time, strategies, connections towards building TRP's causes for the nation and people.

5) Honouring as our culture 

We believe in honouring everyone knowing that we are all different. Having an honouring culture means that your opinion and my opinion may not be the same and it’s okay. Honouring means we don’t gossip. Honouring means when someone speaks, we listen and it means that we are accountable to them and each other.

6) Encouraging in our speech

We choose to speak life, positivity, hope, and of love and we grow by encouraging one another. It's called a community building, not community destroying.

7) Reaching out

We believe in impacting our communities starting with our country, Malaysia and to the world around us, genuinely.


8) Generous with our lives

Being generous means being willing to give of yourself in every way, including accepting and loving others, and supporting and caring for those who may be different in any way.

It's not an attitude that says "What do I get in return?"

When we give, we make sure that we give our best.


9) Progress, not perfection

The Rojak Projek journey is not about perfection, it’s about progress. We know that when it comes to culture and gathering information, we may not get everything right, so we keep growing and progressing to ensure that we need to focus forward together and ensure the foundation of knowing our country becomes better and better.

10) Finishing what we start

It doesn't matter if it's a day, 2 weeks, 3 months or a year's project, we believe in finishing what you start. Taking pauses is good, but giving up is not. We believe that helps us to grow from strength to strength and it enables us to have grit in all our journey.

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