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Specialize in bringing people together through digital art

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Lim Sheng Feiyan (also known as Faye Lim) is a young, private and passionate Malaysian Artist with 8 years of total work experience in creative works. She started as a Graphic Designer in Art Expo Malaysia and worked as a Creative Director, Digital Photo Restoration, Digital Portrait Painter of many Malaysia's Royal Families and VIPs in Canvas Art Sdn. Bhd.

She is a visualiser and one of her strength lies in creating beautiful portraits and family portraits. She believes to honour and give a particular impression of someone's story, legacy, power, beauty, virtue or relationship through digital art.

To view some of her works, please click below.


Click Below to view the different ways you can customised your portrait or family artworks:

  • Specialize in combining two or more photographs into one masterpiece for your loved one.

  • Specialize in creating an ENLARGED & LIVE-SIZE image of your loved ones to a printed artwork.

  • Bring your portrait to life by adding elements that that bring a meaning to your legacy.

  • From a small and old photograph that can be transformed it to a beautiful liven artwork.

  • Create and display your most well treasured memories into art with a vibrant background.

  • Make your art personal and unique and complete it with the right print and frame.

Vinnitha Vennoo

"I love how Feiyan (Faye) managed to combine 2 pictures into 1. After the my wedding, I realised my parents didn't take a picture together. I wanted a picture of them standing together on my wedding day as they are my role models. I asked Fei to make this art to surprise them on their 32nd wedding anniversary. My parents absolutely loved the surprise. This memory that will last forever is definitely worth it."

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