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In a physically form, a #HungryMail is a set of 10 different kuih postcards with descriptions behind it. But conceptually and symbolically, it was a way to promote our culture in a different form.


The idea started as a joke to Malaysians living abroad where we wanted to emotionally bribe.. we mean... "hungry mail" them with the image of our Malaysian food in a postcard form. As Malaysians, we can get a little bit emotional when we are far away from home and the thought of Malaysian food comes to mind. But between an image of food, we decided to visually focus on the smallest beauty that we hardly appreciate in our country that is packed with our culture - our adorable little kuihs. 


Since PHASE 2 (Rediscovering Each Other) was about us travelling around Malaysia to rediscover back our country, we decided to create a social experimental or a symbolic concept that as we were travelling around Malaysia to document and create our artworks, our little kuihs or #hungrymail will travel around the world. Two birds in one stone! Hehehe... 


In each set, we had a description that stated: 

"Join the #HungryMail movement as we spread our Malaysian love and food all over the world! As these postcards travel worldwide, you'll be supporting our Phase 2 - Rediscovering Each Other as we travel all around Malaysia documenting and engaging into a deeper understanding of our beautiful land through art! Check out our website to get more details on what's happening with Phase 2!"  


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the #hungrymail was ALSO a WAY to fund ourselves TO travel around malaysia.

And believe us when we say, it was tough to sell them because as we set a price of RM30 or RM35 for a set, who would see the value to it and to have people travel as well? In the end, we decided to combine the idea to make the #HungryMail as our entrance to The Rojak Party to help fund our journey.






People still had a perception that 'Who buys postcards now a days?' even if we packaged the idea of a combination of a party, food, making new friends and having your portraits taken by our amazing Jon Cool. Somethings worked, somethings didn't. But it's cool. At least we know we that we experimented and maybe we can improve to take it to the next level. 

Despite the odds or perception, we sold 150-200 sets of it! All that fund helped us to pay what we owed, this website, our travels with fuel, tolls (urgh), some of it was for accommodation (majority was sponsored), the cost of materials and food materials  and everything else that needed to be used to make Phase 2 work. All flight ticket was paid at our own expenses. 

People who bought our #hungrymail were majority our Malaysian friends and thankfully a minority of non-Malaysians who bought and helped us out too. We let them express themselves to bring our culture out to the world  and boy, did our little kuih travelled :)

The artistic depth of #hungrymail as it travels around the world has also a meaning of its own as Faye Lim shares,

"Just like us Malaysians, where ever we are, be it far or near home. Lest we forget our culture, roots and upbringing the fact that we grew up together. There is no shame being a Malaysian and being Malaysian doesn't mean we give up easily especially when tough times occur. Let us be proud of who we are and where we came from knowing that despite all the challenges we face as Malaysians, we can make it. Near or far.

So lift Malaysia high. Lift our pride in our culture, colours and diversity when times are hard. She (Malaysia) deserves all the love she can get. And, oh! We know that deep down,  Malaysian food is number 1 in the world too" Hehehe...

ok.. ok! SO WHAT IS A kuih?

'Ah, right! Sorry about that! Kuih' or 'Kueh' (Hokkien) is a fairly broad term which may include items that would be called cakescookiesdumplingspuddingbiscuit, or pastries. It can be found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore.


It comes in different shapes, colours, texture and designs – just like us. So different yet so unique.

Our #hungrymail is currently soled out but if there others who would like to elevate this concept and bring our culture and pride out of this world, we are happy to collaborate and discuss further.


For future collaborations, you can email us at



The Rojak Projek has managed to sell all of our HungryMail postcards! Thanks to your support, we are able to fund this amazing website, and the costs of supporting Phase 2 of our work. Thank you for bringing our amazing kuihs far and wide and more importantly, for investing in our dream of building a beautiful and unified Malaysia.


​We would also like to thank Gloria Chieng ​for this write up!

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