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The Rojak Party is a social event where attendees are encouraged to makan, share, embrace and learn from and with each other to explore what it means to be a united nation.

There was food to eat and friends to make. Our Rojak Photographer was there to capture all the 'Black & White' portraits while we collected information and stories for our experiment. All the B&W portraits were posted on  The Rojak Projek's facebook.

We held our first Rojak Party in March 2015 in our own homes & opened it to public in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas from October 2016 until May 2017 on the 16th of every month to reinforce the idea of Malaysia, for all Malaysians. 

We believe this concept can be mobilized for anyone who wants to create their own unity event. You can read THE DIFFERENCE between the questions asked during the PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 parties, down below.






The Rojak

Where we ate, mingle and took black and white portraits of our friends all over!

I) OUR 1st ROJAK PARTY, 2015


Faye Lim met Jon Cool on 31st December 2014, the last day of the year to share her thoughts on a possible experimental journey. He came with his cool leather jacket and agreed to take that leap of faith together.

We first conducted a ‘Rojak Party’ which started in March 2015 and invited our friends and friends of friends to come over to eat, mingle and capture their B&W portrait because the trend back then was to be "colour-blind". We had all together three rojak parties at our homes and when we couldn't find more mixture, we searched for our brothers and sisters outside of our circle (Special thanks to Vinnitha Vennoo's family and SIB Church which helped us to capture our Orang Ali (indigenous people) including our East Malaysian brother's and sisters).  Working together with co-founder and photographer Jon Cool, we found 30 Malaysians who participated in the first Rojak Party where participants were photographed by Jonathan while being treated to – what else – rojak.


This was the fun part! No one knew what we were doing behind the scenes for 2015. During the parties we told them that we’ll be making an artwork, and all we could tell them was to trust us and that it was going to be colourful - which they did. When the few of us met up, we took long hours to figure out the best practices. One of the first few artworks we worked on was Char Kuey Teow, Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai.





After we showcased the artworks on the first day of 2016 on Facebook which went viral, we realized that we weren't even close to scratching the surface of discovering and understanding Malaysia.

This led us to continue 'The Rojak Party' and the first round for 2016 was held at SINARAN TTDI. The party was still conducted privately among friends and friends of friends. This was also our first time experimenting on doing video interviews and creating our new structure of forms to fill to understand further about our culture and heritage. 

Special thanks to Ahmad Faliq Fauzi, Rachel Lee, Jon Cool, Ken Lim, Belveen Singh, Kimberly Yong, Sarah Yong and many others who brought their friends over and participating the best they can in the rojak parties. 



We met Sonny & Debra, the Sabahan family at Charlie's Cafe. The relationships between Charlie's Cafe and The Rojak Projek started when Co-Founder Faye Lim was with her friends to eat some Sarawak Laksa. Being there the first time, she asked Debra which part of Sarawak is she from? (Innitially thinking if you sell Sarawak food, it means you most likely are from there). 

She then said, she's from Sabah! Looking back at the menu she then proceeded to ask where is your Sabahan food? Astonished and challenged, the first thing she gave Faye Lim to try at home was a packet of 'Tenom Kopi'. She also let Faye Lim tried her 'Bambangan dish', which she'd never seen before!

Months later when she found out that Charlie's Cafe was celebrating Hari Gawai and Kaamatan (a festival none of us have experienced before), she decided to ask permission with Debra and shared with her the journey and showed the artworks we made. When she saw it, she couldn't stop talking about Sabah food! When she head back home, she had a discussion with her husband, Sonny. 

This is what he told her to inform Faye Lim, she is more than welcome to do her project. That's when we also met Anderson Kalang, when he introduced himself as a Kelabit, that's when we went, "HAR? You are a what ah?" 

Special thanks to Jon Cool, Movimento production and Tabitha Xavier for helping during this process. We captured many portraits with information that made us realise, OMG... what is that? What are we? 

And when our friendship bloomed, through having 'conversation' that's when we found out that the entire time we (Semenanjung), were celebrating Merdeka Day, East Malaysia celebrated Malaysia Day. Another moment to go, what is Malaysia Day?  That's how bad our ignorance and blind-sightedness was back then. 


Hence as to why, we decided to continue the rojak party on every 16th of the month leading to Malaysia Day 2017 despite 16th falling on different days of the week. We promised to give it a try and kept going.

Despite Malaysia Day being less popular as compared to Merdeka, a day we only treated recently as a holiday, we still kept moving forward. Guess who decided to open their hearts, venue and sponsor the first public rojak party?


Look below ;) 


#1 (16.10.16)

About our

venue & food



Charlie's Cafe at Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur serves not only good food, but a good cause as well. While you should try their best chicken chop, Sarawak Laksa, and D24 soft serve ice cream in town, you can also pay it forward: pay for someone's meal(s) and stick the bill on the Pay It Forward wall.





the event




The Rojak Projek just held our first public Rojak Party on Sunday (16/10/16) at Charlie’s Café in Taman Desa! The night started with our first guests arriving at 6pm for registration, kick starting a night filled with fun, memories and of course, Malaysian love and unity over food.

There were a few activities happening throughout the night, this includes an introduction to The Rojak Projek by Faye Lim and Rachel Lee. The guest then moved on to makan and mingle while Jon Cool with Movimento Productions set up to capture video stories of the Rojak Party guests and their Black and White portraits. There was also Makan Mana sheets distributed throughout the tables of Charlie’s Café where the guest were encouraged to share unique and muhibbah places around Malaysia for us to explore during our Phase 2 journey of Rediscovering Each Other.

Charlie’s Café generously sponsored both the food and venue for this event!

They prepared a variety of food which included Sarawak Laksa, D24 Durian Soft Serve Ice-cream, Hinava and pastries complimented with Chapatti and Indian Rojak. Charlie's Cafe also sponsored 500 satay sticks from Wak Gomok Sate for The Rojak Party!

The night unfolded into a buzz of activity and conversations throughout Charlie’s Café with guest making new friends, being engrossed in their Black and White portraits and laughing hilariously as they shared their stories in front of the camera. Food was abundant and tasted amazing as people munched their night away! Truly a night that was nothing short of Malaysian. 

We were overjoyed to see and host fellow Malaysians who has helped us substantially along our journey since we started, they are in this message together with us, joining arms to love Malaysia more!

Join us for our next Rojak Party with a purchase of our #HungryMail! We will be conducting our Rojak Parties on the 16th of every month (until May 2017) to emphasise the importance of the formation of what we now call Malaysia. We want to be consistent in our message, that Malaysia Tak Sama Kalau Kita Tak Bersama (Malaysia is never the same if we are not together).

Who are we as Malaysians if not also defined by our other fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters. 

PS: We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party happen;  Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Ahmad Faliq, Belveen Singh, Kimbery Yong, Wening Cheah, Amelia Ho, Adam Subki and Joyce Chin and Matt La Brooy.

Thanks again for all who came and thanks to team Astro who recently featured us in their 'Kami Anak Malaysia' documentary; Zarina Omar, Dr Rahim Munna, Luqman Hafidz from Ola Bola, Projek57 and Razif Hashim for coming by to show your support!



#2 (16.11.16)

About our

venue & food


About our

venue & food



Pickle & Fig offers healthy fresh gourmet panini, sandwiches and smoothies. They don't just boast a balanced hearty palate but also prides itself as a nice cosy neighbourhood laid-back joint. 

Creative handcrafted panini and smoothies varieties. It’s all about how flavour, open-mindedness, and improvisation can lead to something fresh, new, and absolutely mouthwatering.

About our

spicy snack




Welcome to round 2 of our Rojak Party and this time we have Pickle and Fig to thank for providing us with their vast and comfortable space on the 16th of November 2016! Aside from space, Pickle and Fig, along with Chilli Pang Pang has also happily filled our grumbling tummies with amazing panini’s, salads, pasta, drinks, chips and dips for the party :)


The night started at 7.30pm where people started arriving and registering at the front where our beautiful volunteers were stationed. They were given forms to fill to share their thoughts about Malaysia and growing up around their own cultures, expanding this beautiful and diverse narrative of our great nation!

PICKLE & FIG ttdi generously sponsored both the food and venue for this event!


Chili Pang Pang is a Thai inspired home-made relish guaranteed to perfectly complement your dishes, leaving you a gastronomic experience from a mild "Pang" to the spiciest "Pang Pang Pang"!

People started filling up the space and their stomachs with the yummy spread of food and by 8pm, the team started to settle people down for Faye’s introduction to the beginnings, present and future of The Rojak Projek. She talked about using the little that we have, and being exactly who we are and using that to lift Malaysia. Belveen joined her at the front, sharing about the seemingly little that he’s done that has created such a big (and hilariously Malaysian) impact to Malaysia and Malaysians – through meme’s. There is a lot of noise happening in the media, why not lighten it up with a pun and a laugh!


After the hilarious conversation learning about Belveen Singh and his puniness, Malaysians being Malaysians, continued eating! Throughout the night, Jon Cool and his Moviemento Production team took everyone’s black and white portraits with the video team setting up base outside of the café to capture the attendees’ stories growing up in Malaysia and stories with their friends. Nostalgia!


Everyone had a great time getting to know a whole bunch of new friends over food, games and simply just by sharing the same table! The night lasted till almost midnight as new and old friends laughed the hours away. Tummies and hearts filled as The Rojak Part #2 came to an end. What a beautiful night indeed.

We would like thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party happen; Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Anderson Kalang, Ahmad Faliq , Belveen Singh, Kimbery Yong, Sarah Ann Yong, Tabitha Xavier,, Elizabeth Hui Clark and Rina Chew .

Thank you again for all who came and special thanks to our guest YTM Tunku Dato' Paduka Khadijah Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, YM Tengku Mohd Nasrun and Che Puan Rosilah  for coming to show your support!


#3 (16.12.16)

About our

venue & food


About our

venue & food



League of Captains decided to partay-it-up at The Den - League Of Captains HQ in Ampang! So if you are looking for an absolutely gorgeous bungalow space for any events, you should call; 

Danial Naim: +6012-310 1492
Address: 5, Jalan 1, Taman Sri Ukay, 68000, Ampang, Selangor

About our

food sponsor!



The final Rojak Party for 2016 was held at the League of Captains HQ in Ampang on the 16th of December 2016! This time round we turn it up a notch with culture and had a very Sarawakian night filled with Orang Ulu food, Sape rainforest music, All Aboard Community Gaming Centre brought their games chest for people to bond (or fight :p) over and some Kelabit aunties even brought some traditional jewellery to showcase and sell!

All our thanks and gratitude to League of Captains, Canvas Art Sdn Bhd, Mr. Awel, Mdm. Susan Rem Bulan (Orang Ulu food / catering), Wak Gomok Sate, Ms. Julia Maran (beads & handicrafts), Anderson Kalang and Saufi Aiman Sape'Star for providing us with an amazing venue, yummy food and mind-blowing story-telling and music through the Sape! Also to Jon Cool and Movimento Productions for being such an amazing photography and videography crew in documenting the whole party!

partying it up at 'the den - league of captains hq' in ampang!

Mdm. Susan Rem Bulan 
(Orang Ulu food / Catering)
+6019-275 6499




Mr Awel (Tuak)


Being in urban Malaysia on a Friday night, we decided to start the party a little bit later due to the typical traffic and KL party-goers. At 8pm, people started coming in, registering themselves and mingling around. The first-timers were given the registration forms which allowed them to share their bit of Malaysia to us, and eventually, to the world (aka our Facebook!).


Half an hour in, The Rojak Team gathered everyone at the kitchen/dining area to introduce and share our experiences with the Sarawakian food available that night as Faye, Rachel and Anderson from the Team had just come back from their Rediscovering Each Other journey in Sarawak. People were truly intrigued at all the unknown Orang Ulu dishes!


After people had a bit to eat, Faye and Rachel properly kick-started the event by getting people to “cheers” the way they learnt with the Ibans… Screaming out “O-Ha!” as you would “Yum-Seng!” and the night begun! Rachel took the stage to share about The Rojak Projek and the direction that the project was heading. She shared also about their experience going into Sarawak and having every day be a steeper learning curve than the previous day while also sharing the hilarious and curious new experiences they all had to go through!


The Rojak Team played a video they put together of their journey in Sarawak to showcase their experiences in snippets and to highlight the depth of Malaysian diversity we all may have forgotten. The stage was then handed over to Anderson and Saufi, the Sape pros, as they wow’ed the crowd and brought people to find their “rainforest soul”. The environment created was truly magical, especially when the Orang Ulu aunties came up and started dancing along with the music, inviting in the crowd that was watching! What an experience!


When the music ended, people still kept mingling around Anderson and Saufi as the Sape is incredibly intriguing. Some decided to check out the games chest and made new friends (or enemies after the games!) and had a good laugh through the night! The venue generously provided was large but there was not a dull corner in sight. It was a jammed packed night, but boy, what a blast of an experience!

We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party happen; Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Anderson Kalang & Toh Rong Rong.


SapeStar is an ethnic music group created by Kuching's young modern sape' player Saufi Aiman. If you happened to be interested in learning to play the sape' in Kuala Lumpur, you can contact:

Anderson Kalang:


Saufi Aiman Yahya



#4 (16.01.17)

About our

venue & food



Chuup was our venue and food sponsor, providing us with a great space and even greater food for our event!

About our

game sponsor!


All Aboard Community Gaming Centre
All Aboard kindly opened up their doors and game chests for us to bond and lepak over fun and games the entire night!


The Rojak Projek held our first Rojak Party for 2017 at Upstairs @ Chuup, Damansara Jaya on the 16th of January 2017! What a way to start the year by having our biggest Rojak Party yet! A huge thanks to everyone who came to support and who believe in our cause, joining us as we continue on our journey leading up to Malaysia Day 2017.


All our thanks and gratitude to Chuup for providing us with a super venue paired with delicious food (awesome chicken rice balls!)! Huge thanks also to All Aboard Community Gaming Centre for opening their doors to us, allowing our guest to have an entertaining night filled with boardgames and  hilarious memories. Thanks to Anderson KalangSaufi Aiman Sape'Starand Rosemary for gifting us with a couple of mesmerising songs  through the Sape! Also toJon Cool and Movimento Productions for always putting in 101% and for being the best photography and videography crew in documenting the whole party!


What better way to beat the Monday blues than with a serving of awesome chicken rice balls by Chuup at the Rojak Party with amazing company! Guest started arriving at 7pm and the entire space was filled up an hour later! People were spread out busy filling up their registration forms while mingling with each other and by 8pm, with rumbling stomachs, the food was ready and people charged towards the dinner spread.

We believe that the best way to get to know someone is over food, and that's exactly what everyone did. People were introducing each other and new friendships were made just by sitting around with a bunch of strangers. When people were almost done with their dinner, Jon Cool took the stage and kick started the event. He spoke of his past and his journey finding his passion which eventually lead to meeting Faye and setting up the beginnings of The Rojak Projek. His inspiration continued on with the journey of this project as he also spoke about the future and vision which would bring the impact of Malaysian unity further and stronger. Though nervous, his story was truly inspiring.

Moments later, Anderson, Saufi and Rosemary came up on stage to present our guest with a taste of their own culture through Sape, through their melodies. The Rojak Projek wants to bring awareness and break the barriers of culture, their performance embodied just that. The night proceeded on with people breaking out the board games provided by All Aboard Community Gaming Centre with some even moving upstairs where the game store was located.

Jon Cool and his Moviemento team proceeded to set up on the highest floor of the shoplot and started their black and white portrait taking session while some of the team set up outside for the videography interview session.The whole night went on with fun, games and laughter, but ultimately, we were all sitting around in peace, love and unity, enjoying what Malaysians do best, lepaking!

The night started dying down at 11pm and we ended at 11:30pm, with the last of our guest finishing their last round of board games. This was our biggest turn out yet and though it was overwhelming, it was truly a testimony that Malaysians enjoy each others company, and it truly would never be the same without each other. 


We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party happenLim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Ahmad Faliq Fauzi, Vincent Wee Seng, Jagjeet Singh, Sarah Ann Yong and Anderson Kalang


#5 (16.02.17)

About our

venue & food


About our

venue & food



Tom, Dick and Harry's at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara serves great food and drinks with live music surrounded by the serene and beautiful landscape that is Oasis Square. The wide and comfortable space with the ambient moonlight and dim setting starts any night off with a comfortable vibe!

About our

food sponsor!



The Rojak Projek held our 5th Rojak Party Tom, Dick and Harry’s @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara on the 16th of February 2017! We spent the night surrounded by beautiful lights, water features and most importantly, beautiful people. Thanks to everyone who joined and supported us that night, we are truly humbled by your faith in us as we continue out journey leading up to Malaysia Day 2017.


Our biggest thanks to Tom, Dick and Harry’s for hosting our party at their pristine venue with a yummy dinner spread provided by Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock and Latiffah Leh Anderson. We’d like to also give a shoutout to Projek57 for joining us for this Rojak Party and for sharing their passion with some of our guest of the night! A huge thanks to our volunteers and team for helping out to ensure the event ran smoothly! Last but definitely not least, thanks to Jon Cool and Movimento Productions for always giving their all whether in photography or videography for the whole party!

Tom, Dick and Harry's generously sponsored the venue with Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock Sponsoring the Food for The Night!

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock is a local kopitiam started by the 3 most basic friends from writing your karangan in school back in the days, Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock.

Serving Malaysian dishes and favorite Malaysian drinks. A place where you can find the best of the best of Malaysian Dishes. A place where you can lepak all day and berborak with your friends.

The night started a bit earlier as guest started arriving at 7pm. People started filling up the upstairs of Tom, Dick and Harry’s while sharing their Malaysian stories growing up through story writing. The food was ready by 7.30pm and everyone started digging in and moving around! Everyone started to mingle, new friends were made while some got to catch up with old buddies! With The Rojak Projek, we believe that the best way to get to know someone is over food, and it was great to see everyone excitedly chatting the night away!


Rachel came up at around 8pm to kick start the whole night and introduce The Rojak Projek, our vision and mission for Malaysia. She shared about the past, present and future of The Rojak Projek and all the things we have planned. A few of The Rojak Team went to Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan, continuing on their journey of “Rediscovering Malaysia” and she spoke a bit about the cultures, discoveries and stories they found in those places. It was exciting to see the diversity we have in our backyards and how this is all represented under one roof called Malaysia.

After her sharing, Jon Cool proceeded to set up his camera and gadgets at the front and started his black and white portrait taking session shortly after. The Movimento team set-up in the quieter indoors for the videography interview session. While all of that was happening, Projek57 was set up inside speaking to all the different guest about their vision and ideas, stemmed and inspired by none other than Tunku Abdul Rahman.


After a couple of hours of people lining up to get their photo taken, friends sharing stories in front of the cameras and hungry hearts feasting on the spread of food for the night, the party started quieting down at around 10.30pm. By 11.30pm, our kind team and remaining friends helped to pack up and called it a night! What a night it was as we went back to our homes filled with warmth from seeing the love we have for each other reflected through stories shared throughout the night. Malaysia memanglah tak sama kalau kita tak bersama. 


We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party happen;  Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Kimbery Yong, Jagjeet Singh, Joselyn Chong, Adam Subki, Lim Han and Esther Chiah.

About our

tuak sponsor!

#6 (16.03.17)

About our

venue & food


About our

venue & food



Polpetta's Restaurant / Cafe is designed to accommodate families, individuals and groups who want to enjoy a nice meal and a cup of coffee.

Their specialty is meatballs, which can be customised to your own taste and satisfaction. Select the choices that we have on our menu, and we'll ensure you get the best service and best quality.

Go get em' meatballs! It's really good! :)



The cloudy weather and rainy Thursday evening did not dampen down our spirits as we prepared for the 6th Rojak Party on 16th March 2017 at Polpetta! The event was due to start at 7.30pm with our first guest coming by at 7pm already. People came slowly with hungry hearts and we started the event off at 8pm with a quick ice breaker game which got everyone awkwardly talking to each other!

A huge thank you to Polpetta for hosting us and for providing us with a super yummy spread of food, namely meatballs and super yummy chicken rice with chicken rice balls. As people slowly devoured the dinner spread, Faye began introducing The Rojak Projek and the vision and mission for the movement. She talked about our past and current works, and also upcoming things that are happening with The Rojak Projek.


After the quick introduction and warm up, Jon Cool, along with his team at Movimento set up at the front to start taking everyone's black and white portraits! Smiles all over the place, people came either taking their individual shots or bringing their friends and family to take group shots throughout the night. For those who were a little camera shy, they broke out the board games and started meeting new people!

We spent quite an intimite night together with a bunch of Malaysians who braved the weather to come support us and our cause. The night progressed on and at around 10:30pm, people started tiring out and we started to wrap things up. It was an interesting night meeting new people and hearing really interesting stories we hope to share out to the world one day!

We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party happen; Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Jagjeet Singh, Adam Subki, Matt La Brooy and Lim Han.



SAY IGNITE, 1st April 2017

SAY Ignite 2017 was held on the 1st of April 2017, which was launched by the Selangor Youth Community (SAY) to encourage youths to foster interest and increase youth participation in community-based activities covering arts, culture, entertainment, entrepreneurship, sports and health. It is the brainchild of Tengku Amir and was formed to realise his vision for the future of Selangor.

We were invited to have a round table discussion on Nation Cohesion and Unity. We were also given a sponsored booth for The Rojak Projek to collect more information in regards to our culture and heritage. We discovered such diversities, bringing us to realise once again that there is so much more to us as Malaysians that we ever knew. Click here to find out what we mean.

We would like to give a special shout out to Zaim Mohzani from Nation Building School for 'good mouthing' us behind our backs, which then brought us to Nurul Azwa, who was in charge of the SAY IGNITE round table session. This also ultimately helped us achieve in capturing many more portraits. Zaim Mohzani had no idea at that time that we needed to reach and create 540 artworks before Malaysia Day 2017, and if it wasn't because of his extended gesture, we would not have gotten to complete this process.

This definitely helped boost us in getting the numbers we needed! So thank you!


#7 (16.04.17)

About our

venue & food


About our

venue sponsor!


The second last Rojak Party for Phase 2 was held at WORQ Co-working Space @ Glo Damansara, TTDI on a sunny Sunday afternoon! It was a change of pace to have the event start in the afternoon as it was also the first time we had our party on a weekend! Thank you's are owed to WORQ for being incredibly accommodating and for allowing us to have our Rojak Party for the month at their beautiful space!

This months Rojak Party, we decided that instead of lunch or dinner, we'd make it a tea-party instead and started the party at 2.30pm! The spread of food for the day wasn't any fancy finger food or cakes, but rather, our humble and hugely satisfying platter of local Malaysian kuih-muih. People started arriving at 2pm after their lunches and those that were still feeling peckish, started their sweet journey around our spread. We know, there is always space for dessert :)


Once people started to settle in, even on the Duuf bean bags that WORQ provided, we began the introduction. Faye brought us through the introduction of The Rojak Projek, our mission, vision and direction, calling our for more people to get active and involved not just with our team, but in works that bring betterment to our beautiful land. After the introduction and a quick round of ice breakers, Jon took over with his photography, engaging even the shiest of people to pose with a smile!

Shoutout to Ruby Subramaniam for bringing over some art over for people to get involved with and interact! Talk about being colour-embracing eh! It was fun playing with the different hues and it was nice to see people getting involved and starting conversations over it.

Closer towards 6pm, the crowd dwindled down and just a small bunch of board gamers were still around having a great time. We started packing up, cleaning up and wondering what we should all have for dinner that night.

It was quite a nice afternoon as people came over to hang out, have some sweet yums, grab some amazing photos and meet incredible new people from all walks of life and a hugely diversed background. What a journey it's been so far being at our second-last rojak party! We can't wait to see what the last Phase 2 Rojak Party would turn out to be!


We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party happen; Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Ahmad Faliq Fauzi, Jagjeet Singh, Ruby Subramaniam, Aveena Shakti, Lim Han, Gloria Chieng, Rina Chew & Joyce Chin.

About our

tuak sponsor!

#8 (16.05.17)

About our

venue & food



venue sponsor!




THE FINAL ROJAK PARTY (for now la...) was held at Hobby n Coffee, TTDI on the 16th of May! We launched the event out and invited all of our friends, the people that have been following our process from the beginning till now and of course not forgetting the many people that came on board along our journey! A huge thanks to Hobby n Coffee, TTDI for kindly giving us this opportunity to use their space for our finale!

The event itself starts at 7.30pm but the awesome Rojak Team was there beforehand to prep the space and to make sure that everything needed for the party to run smoothy was taken care of. Slowly people started turning up and the next thing you know, the whole space was filled with friends and new friends from so many different backgrounds! As people came in, they were greeted with a whole assortment of Malaysian street food and common snacks such as mee goreng, nasi lemak, curry puff, vadai, roti canai and so many more...

The whole place was filled with chattering and laughter as we started with an ice breaker for everyone to go out of their comfort zones and start mixing with others. Everyone slowly settled down as Faye brought the crowd through the story of The Rojak Projek, how it started, how it grew and where it will be heading towards. At the end of her presentation, we decided, what better time to take a huge group photo but now! After all, it was our last Rojak Party and one of our biggest crowds, it would only be apt :)

Nation Building School is a youth development non-profit organisation.


Their vision is building leaders through training and exposure and they focus only on youth between 18 and 30 and do this primarily through their “Guruship” leadership programme. 

For more information, please contact them at: info@nationbuildingschool.com


Hobby n Coffee in Taman Tun, Kuala Lumpur is known for their coffee and craft such as sewing, crochet, art classes, workshops, events and gatherings. They are not open for walk-ins and requires an appointment before coming in.


After that, people continued eating, mingling and playing boardgames as Jon started capturing everyone's black and white portraits. It was great to see not just individuals but group of friends, work groups and couples going up to capture their relationship bonds that celebrate differences!

The night started dwindling down at around 10.30pm as groups of friends both old and new continued on their night with mamak and yumcha sessions around the area. For our friends, it was the closing of one chapter for The Rojak Projek, for us, it was only just the beginning of our hustling to pull together what we've been working on all year! Talk about being bittersweet! 

Even though this was our last party to prepare for PHASE 2: Rediscovering Each Other, it was our first workshop event on the following 16th together with REKA NEGARAKUCLICK HERE to find out more about it!

We would like that thank all those who came by to help us make this Rojak Party;  Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Ahmad Faliq Fauzi, Adam Subki, Gloria Chieng, Jagjeet Singh, Sarah Ann Yong, Zaim Mohzani & Yom Nurul Akma. Thanks, TIME OUT KL for sharing us out too!


about our food vendors



Charlie's Cafe at Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur serves not only good food, but a good cause as well through pay it forward. You can pay for someone's meal(s) and stick the bill on the Pay It Forward wall.


Autism Cafe Project (ACP) established in 2016 with a prime objective to secure the future independence of youth with autism.


Coffee For Good aims to provide job skills to underserved youths in KL and Selangor. They do this by providing them the access to coffee education and barista skills training.


On Malaysia Day (16th September 2017) at WORQ Coworking Space, we showcased and welcomed others to join us in experiencing a little more of our Malaysia! This was a 'Walk + Eat + Mingle' Art Exhibition and Video Screening of our Phase 2 (Rediscovering Each Other).


We had great food by our local vendors such as Autism Cafe Project, Coffee For Good, Charlie's Cafe's famous 'UFO Tart' from Sabah, and Julia Maran's Orang Ulu food originated in Sarawak. After our screening, there were plenty of intimate and personal questions about the trip, and we thanked all who participated and proceeded with a Kelabit cultural dance for others to witness. 


We ended the night with plenty of amazing photography (no more in 'black and white' which represents colour-blindness, but we captured everyone in colour to represent colour-embracing with our Malaysian flag).  

We would like to thank all those who came by to help us make this journey for this Malaysia Day 2017 Event happen; Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Jagjeet Singh, Joselyn Chong, Joseph Chong, Pixie Cigar, Ken Lim, Eddie Kum, Anderson Kalang, Sarah Yong, Tabitha Xavier, Ahmad Faliq Fauzi, Sivin Kit Hsiao Ming, Ong Doen Xian, Alex Lim Xiong Chun, Rubini Murugesan, Debbie Loh, Yvonne Loke Wai Yee,  Jason Goh Tok Zhiam, Sheldon Boyd Aman, Rhonwyn Hagedorn, Julia Maran, Adli Yahya from Project Autism, Faridah from Cofffee for Good and Gina Yap representing Charlie's Cafe.


Lest we forget Rachel Lee, Shateesh Nganasekaran, Ruby Subramaniam, Carmen Koo and Jon Cool who lent The Rojak Projek their LED TV to showcase 540 artworks digitally.

"Thank you everyone for coming by to support our Phase 2: Rediscovering Each Other by The Rojak Projek showcase at WORQ Coworking Space on Malaysia Day! As most of you may know, one year ago, The Rojak Projek announced our intention to embark on a Malaysia-wide journey to Rediscover Each Other... one year has now passed here we are.


For the past year, we have been  documenting our journey to every state in Malaysia, capturing various elements of unity, pride and passion for our country from the people we met along the way. We captured the essence of this in our hour-long documentary and through creating a whopping 540 artwork portraits of the people we met through our Rojak Parties using the food we discovered through our Malaysian journey. What an incredible year!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has put in their time, effort, patience and love for us as we slowly figured out our steps. Thank you for trusting us and for sharing our vision! From those who spent hours and days creating artworks with us, to those who opened up their homes, to those who helped connect us, to people who helped and to those who simply  sent a simple message of encouragement and big hugs when we needed it the most... Thank you.


The journey was not an easy one but we all endeared through it together... as cheesy as it sounds, we really could not have done it without every single one of you! It was tough but the things we experienced and learnt along the way made it all worthwhile. You all inspire us constantly through your words, and even more through your actions.

It was truly an encouragement to see an overflowing full house at our Malaysia Day  showcase! Thank you everyone who came both in person and in spirit! What an amazing way to end our Phase 2 : Rediscovering Each Other journey!


We hope through our efforts, many will be able to have the courage to experiment new things. 

What happens after this? Our aim is to mobilize and showcase our efforts around Malaysia and hopefully, worldwide. We believe it is time for all of us as a nation to get to know one another as every Malaysian has a part to play.

This documentary is just a scratch on the surface of the amount of content, stories and experiences that we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to witness! Watch and witness what we witnessed!. We hope that you will enjoy it but more importantly, we hope that by the end of it, you'll stand up even prouder and spread even more love to our incredibly diverse Malaysian family! It's not perfect, but neither are we, and neither are you... but we believe that together, we can do our part to make everything better."

If you are interested to work together or collaborate, you can email us at  therojakteam@gmail.com 

Malaysia tak sama, kalau kita tak bersama! 
(Malaysia is never the same if we are not together)

Happy 54th Birthday Malaysia!
Love you guys."

- The Rojak Projek (2017)



Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye), Rachel Lee Ju Wei, Jon Cool, Jagjeet Singh, Joselyn Chong, Kimberly Yong, Joseph Chong, Matt La Brooy, Anderson Kalang, Sarah Yong, Tabitha Xavier, Ahmad Faliq Fauzi, Anderson Kalang, Belveen Singh, Amelia Ho, Adam Subki, Vincent Wee Seng, Esther Chiah, Ruby Subramaniam, Aveena Shakti, Lim Han, Gloria Chieng, Rina Chew, Joyce Chin, Toh Rong Rong, Zaim Mohzani, Pixie Cigar and Yom Nurul Akma.


Rachel Lee Ju Wei.and Lim Sheng Feiyan (Faye).


Rachel Lee Ju Wei and Matthew James La Brooy 

Not to forget our ever amazing photographer

and videographer collaborators: 

 Jon Cool, Eddie Kum, Ken Lim, Norman Syah Mohd Noer, Joseph Chong and I-Vern Cheng.

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Razif Hashim, Faye Lim, Syed Sadiq Albar (Projek57) and Luqman Hafidz.