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Sharing The Rojak Projek in the context of experience, Malaysian encounters, challenges, creative thinking, problem solving process and outcomes from the journey of colour-blindness to colour-embracing. 





“Best talk ever about our Malaysian way of life. I became more acquainted with that there are truly such a large number of traditional foods of Malaysians. There are likewise such huge numbers of ethnics in Malaysia that we as a whole need to know. Proud to be a Malaysian.”


- Kushateni Nair, Inti Nilai Student (2019)

"After the sharing session by Faye, Jagjeet and Joselyn from The Rojak Projek, I became more aware of how little knowledge I have about our friends from East Malaysia. I mean, I can't even differentiate Tapai from Chinese glutinous rice dumplings based solely on the pictures shown during their presentation. This experience has made me realized that although we are all called Malaysians, there is definitely still an invisible gap that exist between the West and East Malaysians. I think that the only way to bridge this gap is to have the "ambil kisah"/"ambil tahu" attitude, and I think The Rojak Projek is doing a good job by lending us a hand to bridge this gap by creating awareness."

- Esther Chong, ASWARA (2019)


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